Origin of Company Name

On February 1st, 1991, the 25th anniversary of our company’s foundation, as part of our CI (corporate identity) we changed our name from Meisho Kouki Co., Ltd. to Luceo. In Latin, Luceo means light, bright, and evident.
We’re often asked “Why Latin?” but the number one reason is that “it hasn’t become obsolete even after 100 years.”
Other reasons include that it is an intellectual, scientific, and internationallanguage.
This is because Latin has been used since before the 3rd – 4th century BC, and is currently used as the official language in the Roman Catholic Church, as well as for academic terms in medicine, biology, and for constellations.
Its importance as a tool for expressing the common ideas among Westerners has never changed, because Latin has endured as both a classic and, at the same time, current language.

Company overview

Corporate name Luceo Co., Ltd.
Headquarters 30-9, Ohyamakanai-cho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, 173-0024 Japan
Date of establishment September 1st, 1966
President Kentaro Yoshimura


Quality Policy

In order to improve customer satisfaction, Luceo has set out a corporate philosophy of “proactively producing products that meet the customer’s needs and contributing to society by creating comfortable  workplaces”, and established quality policies as follows

(1) We will provide products that will satisfy our customers.

(2) Make continuous efforts to provide better quality products.

(3) keep challenging the new technologies aimed at quality improvement.


Environmental Policy

Recognizing that environmental issues are important concerns and

conducting business activities with consideration for environmental conservation.

  1. Accurately identify the significant environmental aspects of business activities and set environmental goals. Promotion for the prevention of environmental pollution, energy conservation, resources saving, and recycling.
  1. We comply the legal requirements related to the environment and other requirements agreed upon by us. We will strive to maintain and improve the surrounding environment and aim for coexistence with the local community.
  1. To achieve the environmental policy, we familiarize it to all the employees through environmental education and internal PR activities and we also request business partners for their understanding and cooperation.

The above environmental policies are regularly reviewed and made continuous improvements in environmental management as well as announce it inside and outside the company.

September 1, 2017

Representative  Kentaro Yoshimura


ISO Certification


In July 2001, we received certification registration for the quality management system “ISO9001”.

In August 2008, we received certification registration for the environmental management system “ISO14001”.

Luceo will not be satisfied with the current situation, but will always strive to reform and improve, and make efforts to provide products and services that satisfy our customers.