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In 1966, when liquid crystals did not exist, we took notice of polarizing plates, an optical element, and began our in-house R&D, production and sales. As time passed, we began doing the same for wave plates, which is now adopted by major microscope manufacturers, becoming a confident product of our company. In 1996, we developed, manufactured and sold original strain tester using our own polarizing plates and wave plates. Luceo has always made progress and evolved by having flexibility to the change of times. We aspire to become a niche-top company in these fields by continuing to develop products in our brand.

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What is Strain?

■ Definition of Strain This page is about the definition of strain in Luceo. ■ Stress, Strain In Luceo, we use the word "strain" as following meaning. We say "There is strain" or "Strain remains……