2023.10.03 Winner of “Future Great Inventor Contest in Itabashi” visits our company

■The 3rd Future Great Inventor Contest in Itabashi
In Itabashi City, it is held every year to improve children’s imagination and explanation skills and increase their interest in manufacturing. Winner of this contest toured companies in Itabashi City for interviews.

■Team AG “Carbon Dioxide Cycles for Power Generation”

Mr Okada and Mr Shimizu, who received awards came to our company on August 22nd. Their invention is “Carbon Dioxide Cycles for Power Generation”. They had a good understanding of the conditions under which carbon dioxide dissolved in water and environmental issues. In addition, the idea of using carbon dioxide, which is a nuisance, as energy was surprising and received high praise from the judges. I was surprised that they invested it in 4th grade.

■Luceo tour
We explained them about polarizers, wave plates, and Polariscope that our company is developing. We were surprised because they asked a number of great questions. For examples, “What are the applications of polarizers?”, “What are the feaures of SB-RETAX?”, “What are your current challenges and How to solve them”

We are surprised again so they even knew the origin of Luceo’s name. We also had a valuable experience. I would like to thank both of them and everyone involved.

Finally, I took a photo of them.


We have demo equipment and polarizers/waveplates in our showroom at the headquarters, and you are always welcome to try them out.

Please feel free to contact us.

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