LSM-9001 product introduction

■introduction example

        Hello everybody!   We’ll deliver information about examples of machine introduction by our customers.

■Full Automated Polarimeter and residual stress

     Our Full Automated Polarimeters are active in the area of various manufacturing premises to test residual stress in glass or plastic products. Let me show your an example of LSM-9001S for testing a bulb lamp made from glass.Since LSM-9001S is equipped with 6 times lens magnifier to expand sample image optically for measuring stress value accurately so it’s a most suitable machine to test a small bulb lamp.

         We also have LSM-9001LE that is able to measure a larger sample because this machine have 200x200mm of wide field of view to place a sample. Including our previous model LSM-9000LE/S,we experienced a lot of successful record installing these machines in customer’s site.The advantage of LSM-9001LE/S is to be able to inspect residual stress quantitatively around the sealing portion of the lamp.

In our showroom,there are various models of polarimeters,polarizers and waveplates. Please feel free to visit there to test your sample products.

Thank you.