principle of stress measurement

■Full Automated Polarimeter LSM-9100W/WS
 Hello everyone. We’ll deliver the principle of measurement and applications for our products Full Automated Polarimeter LSM-9100W and LSM-9100WS.

■Measurement principle and applications
 Large value of retardation in resins can be measured by LSM-9100W and LSM-9100WS,accurately. We have received a lot of inquiries from manufacturers of injection molded products, sheet materials, and films because these products can measure retardation wide range 0 ~3,000nm.
We prepared technical materials that summarized the measurement principle and application examples in an easy-to-understand our product based on their requests.

 We hope that you will see the following technical materials, which summarize the characteristics of the major inspection methods for detecting strain.

Full Automated polarimeter LSM-9100 product family

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