Report of the exhition “OPIE’23”

Luceo exhibited the “OPIE’23” held at Pacifico Yokohama from April 19 to 21.

■Event Venue
Pacifico Yokohama is located right next to Minatomirai Station and has a great view of the ocean. During the exhibition, OPIC2023, an international conference, was also held at the conference center next door.

■Exhibition Booth
We exhibited strain testers and polarizers/waveplates and received many visitors. We would like to thank you again.

The LED display panels and other objects attracted the attention of visitors, and we received many valuable inquiries such as for residual stress testing of Si and SiC wafers, and for internal stress/strain testing of high-functionality glass.

We also received an interesting inquiries about new applications for circularly polarizing plate combined with the SB-RETAX and the POLAX. These waveplates and polarizers are used in a wide range of applications from analytical instruments to astronomical observation. We can take orders from just one piece, please let us know your requirements.

The exhibition was very active, with a large number of booths and visitors. Thanks to all of you, it was a very fulfilling opportunity for us. We will use the inquiries we received at the exhibition to develop new products and brush up in the future.

We have demo equipment and polarizers/waveplates in our showroom at the headquarters, and you are always welcome to try them out.
Please feel free to contact us.

New Residual stress in Si wafers can be checked!
★Full Auto Strain Eye LSM-9001NIR
Fully Automatic Strain Eye LSM-9001NIR

New Possible to examine molding conditions of colored resin!
Full Auto Strain Eye LSM-9100WNIR
Fully Automatic Strain Eye LSM-9100WNIR VER.2

Waveplate that can continuously obtain a constant phase difference in a wide wavelength range.
★Super Broadband Waveplate SB-RETAX
Super Broadband Waveplate SB-RETAX・Broadband Waveplate B-RETAX

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