Sensitive Color Method

 Hello everybody. This time,we’ll talk about the sensitive color method of polariscope.

■Advantages of the sensitive color method
  We,LUCEO has been developing/manufacturing polariscopes and polarimeters that are embedded high-quality in-house polarizers and waveplates for a long time.
The sensitive color method is one of a measurement method of polariscope to evaluate residual stress (strain) in glass or resin quantitatively from values of retardation by means of comparing with a film array standard which is a gauge to show a value of the retardation accurately.
It’s very useful method to distinguish compression stress and tensile stress from tone of color.

In our product family,the sensitive color method is widely applied to smaller models and larger models in addition to LSM-4300LE which is a medium sized main stream.
These machines are suitable for sampling inspection and manufacturing process control because method makes it possible to check distribution of retardation and stress direction easily at first sight.
Please look at the material which describes advantages of this method and the polarimeter general catalogue from here.




Thank you.