What is Strain?

■ Definition of Strain
This page is about the definition of strain in Luceo.

■ Stress, Strain
In Luceo, we use the word “strain” as following meaning.
We say “There is strain” or “Strain remains” when stress is applying on glass, and we use the word “strain” as the meaning of “stress” or “Burdened state by stress”.
In the field of glass, “strain” has been used with the meaning mentioned above, while in the general study of mechanics of materials, which deals with stress, “strain” is used in the totally different way.
In the field of material mechanics, they use the word “strain” as meaning of expansion, contraction, curvature, strain which is caused by force or temperature change and so on.
The graph below is the simple definitions of stress and strain.


We are preparing a page that explaining technical terms such as stress and strain on our website.
Please check it too once it’s published.

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