Circular Polarization Method

  Hello everybody!  This time we’ll introduce the features of the circular polarization method of polariscope that inspects residual stress in glass or plastics.

■Features of the circular polarization method
  We,LUCEO has been developing/manufacturing high-quality polariscopes that incorporate in-house polarizing plates and wave plates for many years.
Circular polarization is a good method to evaluate strain quantitatively easily in glass or resin that have a relatively large retardation value by mean of comparing the color retardation chart.
In our product lineup,we have several models from small to large products that are made by circular polarization method in addition to the standard medium sized model “LSM-4200LE”. For screening tests in manufacturing process control,this method is commonly used by its simple observation to check distribution of retardation.

*Residual stresses in resin that have hysteretic compression stress therein.

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